“While working for GE, we contracted Miriam for many of our regional and national sales and company events. In many cases, this involved a multi-million dollar budget and 1500 or more participants. Miriam handled these events with great professionalism and we were always extremely happy with the results. So much so that many of the Executive Management Team utilized Miriam for our own personal events and trips.

I would highly recommend Miriam for her services and expertise!”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Mike Lee

“I've had the pleasure of knowing Miriam for the last 3 yrs. We worked together at WMC. Miriam successfully and professionally staged several large events for us in the Bay area. Miriam is an outstanding person with a warm, personable demeanor and a great sense of humor. She was always pleasant, positive and professional to work with even when we had to overcome difficulties in staging our events. She possesses excellent industry knowledge and is well connected in her industry.

Miriam always maintained a positive attitude and was loyal to the needs of the companies she's worked for. She applies herself and works diligently to achieve the goals assigned to her and those of her company with pride and integrity in her work.

Miriam is an outstanding professional that any company would be fortunate to have on board and any employee would be lucky to work for.”

Mark Jackman

Regional Vice President

EventPro Productions is a top notch event production company. Our events take over one year to produce, and all the components that go into a full scale contingency planning and response event of high logistical intensity. Dealing with all the entities, coordination, and organization need to be done to the highest standards. EventPro Productions fits this description perfectly from the speakers opening events, tabletop exercises, to executing the event in real time, EventPro Productions and their team of highly trained professionals ensure that everything runs according to plan.

CPER Productions

Carol Davis

Miriam does an excellent job transforming a vision into reality, personalizing all the details to create a magnificent event.

Amy Brandt

President and CEO

We rocked the house!  The Rolling Stones Party was amazing! Miriam, you keep outdoing yourself…tour after tour, concert after concert, event after event.  Thanks from the band and crew. to you and your AWESOME team for all the hard work.  Now on to the next one!

ETS Tours

Andrew Levy
Vice President

EventPro Productions has all the connections to put on fantastic sport themed incentives. Everything in one company: hotels, tickets, VIP hospitality, suites in the venue, meet and greets with sports stars, transportation, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Their staff that travel with us looks after every detail with a no-stress attitude. We couldn't ask for more. Thank you EventPro Productions!

Epic Network Productions

Joe Johnson

Every year we put on a nationwide 4 day sales conference and award show for over 500 of our employees. EventPro Productions finds just the right venue, coordinates all the details and runs the event flawlessly. Their team is always attentive to our needs, and our event timeline goes off without a hitch. We feel very confident in placing this event with their company as we know we are in good hands.

Epic Giving - A division of Epic Network Productions

Joe Johnson

Thank you EventPro Productions for showing us the world. Year by year you have come up with such amazing, fun-filled places to take our top sales people. Every detail is so thought out, you make us all feel like royalty. Can't wait to see what destination you offer us next.

Elfin Forest

Barbara Hurst

“Miriam is an amazing non-stop "doer". She gets things organized, is never daunted or deterred and she is a huge asset when others might let you down. Miriam first worked for me at the US'83 Festival in San Bernardino Ca. (Obviously we were both very young at the time.) She marched in, told me she could handle all the details with some complex travel clients, and then she just did it. She brought a small team and just did what was needed.

Over the years Miriam represented ETS well - in a variety of different activities. She was our go-to person when we needed someone who could step in and get the job done. Wherever or whenever.

In my extensive experience with Miriam I know her to be honest, hard working and reliable. I commend her.”


Don McVie

CEO, ETS Concerts

“Miriam has tremendous expertise in this industry, is very creative and reliable. I would highly recommend her to be the lead facilitator for your future events.”

Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

Ben Goldfarb

“Exquisite HIGH-END Event Producer. In addition to insuring you enjoy your multi-MILLION Dollar problem-free party, she has the in omnibus ability to make every event a premier NETWORKING opportunity!”


Carol McGinnis

We are delighted at the thought and ingenuity that goes into creating our perfect incentive event. EventPro Production exceeds at this. Creating incentives where our sales people come from all parts of the world, different cultures, different customs, and different tastes. They take all these differences into consideration and always come up with the perfect destination that encompasses something for everyone. Can't say enough about their team, every little detail taken care of, and we would feel lost without their travel staff.

Rosemary's Jewelry


Ms. Davis has been handling all of our company’s events for a number of years.  Her events are well coordinated and attended.  She works hard to establish a theme and is very creative – from giant champagne glasses, impersonators, and tattoo artists to a full-scale floor show with orchestra – nothing seems impossible for her to pull off.  She is always reachable by phone and always has a “plan B” in case of emergencies.  You can relax knowing that “Miriam will take care of it.”

GE Money Company

Stacey Hoin
EVP of Human Resources

 “Miriam Davis is a true professional. Her skills and patience are unmatched by any other promoter/event producer I've worked with. We met when she chose my group Hollywood U2 for U2's Vertigo Tour pre and post concert parties in 2005/6. She took the band on tour with U2 in the states and the experience was the best yet for the band. We were treated great and everything was just amazing. Working with her was honestly a breath of fresh air in this business.

When I need to have an event arranged for me, Mariam Davis is the first person that pops in my head and the last. She honestly, always comes through with flying colors.

reported to Miriam at ETS Concert

Joe Hier, Owner/Manager, Hollywood U2

Miriam, you made my company look brilliant at the media party. The choice of venue was perfect, the entertainment was excellent, and everyone had a great time. Thank you so much for making what could have potentially been a nightmare in the making into such a wonderfully smooth, and very successful press and media launch.

Artist Remix

Michael Pearson-Adams (Aka Gomez)

“Miriam is a hardworking and thorough event planner. She keeps you in the loop of things and makes sure that your event is the best of all events. All her events have been great successes.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative


Julie Ritter ,Executive Assistant

I’ve been working with Miriam Davis/EventPro Productions for 4 years and they are perfection at its best. Not only are the events hosted by EventPro Productions fabulous but they are flawless as well. When EventPro Productions is involved in your event you are guaranteed one thing…a successful event! I would recommend EventPro Productions to any company or any single owned event as there is no task too big or too small.

Digital Insight - An Intuit Company

Kelly O'Connor,Executive Assistant

“Miriam is a professional that you can relay on time after time. You know when you ask her to put on an event for you that it will be “first class” fabulous. She is always thinking of every detail that makes it memorable. As an Executive Assistant I have used her for numerous company events and they have all been spectacular. I wouldn’t use anyone else.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Executive Assistant

Pam Sutton

“Miriam is one of the most professional people I know in her industry. As a service provider to many different businesses, I can vouch for her professionalism, drive, and organization to be second to none. You definitely cannot go wrong with hiring Miriam for any of your needs.”


Aquatic Technologies

Jim Newman,Owner

“Miriam is a diligent successful person who provides the best for her clients and goes the extra mile. I thoroughly recommend Miriam Davis as a top person to do business with.

Brian Birdwell